Redemption Whiskey Case Study

Redemption Whiskey - Case Study

The Client

Redemption Whiskey is a brand of rye whiskey owned and imported by Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits.

The Ask

As the brand still continues to grow, it became evident that the old, outdated website needed to be re-designed to keep up with the brand's updated styles and its growing popularity and presence in the spirits industry.

Redemption Whiskey is a brand with one purpose and one purpose only:
to bring Rye Whiskey back to its rightful place at the bar.
Made in the style of its pre-prohibition ancestors with a mash of 95% premium rye, there's no mistaking it: this is the genuine article.


The Team & My Role

This project was assigned to me during my summer internship at Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits under the direction of my manager, the Web Architect.
My direct team also included the Whiskey Brand Ambassador, Social Media Manager, and Marketing Coordinator.

The Approach

Model Method

We used an Incremental Model for this specific project which emphasized the initial research and creation of an appropriate prototype, then building and refining the draft site before launching.


My manager (the Web Architect) was given input from the Vice President of Spirits Brand Development that guided us in the direction of creating a Michter's-inspired site, specifically with the revolution "slider with the button navigation feature".

Before even touching the prototyping software (specifically, Axure RP), we had to decide whether we would go with the familiar WordPress platform, or shy away from a CMS in favor of using HTML5.

The Process


We decided to pursue a website built with HTML/HTML5/CSS for this project in order to move away from WordPress — and so I could learn more about the various updates introduced in HTML5.


Once we decided what platform we would use to build the site, I was tasked with creating a working prototype in Axure RP to develop a general look, feel, and layout for the new site.

However, given that this was an Incremental Model project, I later went back to the prototype and added an Age Verify modal when this task came up in the schedule.

During the development of the prototype, each iterative step was reviewed and approved by my manager.


Knowing the website would be developed using HTML5 with Adobe Dreamweaver CC as the editor, we began to search the Envato Marketplace for an appropriate template.
For our search parameters, we kept these features in mind:

Slider capability, preferably with video
Responsive design

The Prototype in Action

Below is a walkthrough video of the Axure RP prototype in action.

Axure RP Preview

Redemption Whiskey Axure Prototype

Axure RP File

Development & Implementation

Developing the Site

Once we had purchased a template that fit all our needs, I began adapting the template and molding it to the specifications from the approved prototype. While adapting the template, my manager and I also began to look into incorporating widgets such as the Grappos locator and an Instagram live feed into the site.

During the process, we began meeting with the Whiskey Brand Ambassador and the Social Media Manager for weekly updates on both my development of the site and any content additions that needed to be made. The primary goal of these meetings, however, was to coordinate the introduction and incorporation of the "Repeal Day" campaign.
The Repeal Day campaign originally started out as a seasonal idea that would pop up as a ribbon over the home page slider. It later developed into a key item in the navigation bar that would remain on the site year-round.

As the launch date drew closer, we began to also meet with the Marketing Coordinator in order to obtain the most up-to-date graphics and media for use throughout the site.
During the last few weeks of development, my manager and I presented the final draft of the site to those three team members. The draft received mostly positive feedback, but tweaks and constructive criticism points where given, taken note of, and implemented before launch.

The Result

The Finished Product

As soon as the finishing touches had been made and approved, the site was launched on August 22nd, 2017. It was well-received by various employees, including those who were not, by self-definition, "design-savvy".
All in all, the hard work that was put in over the course of those four summer months was well worth the result...

...But don't just take my word for it!
Check it out!

Our high-achieving web intern Leanne Scorcia did a bang up job for us at Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits re‑designing and coding the new [Redemption Whiskey] site. New social media integration and a state-of-the-art locator from Grappos are my favorite upgrades.
— The Web Architect (my manager), LinkedIn

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