ICM 504: Module 7 Project - Advanced Motion

ICM 504: Module 7 Project - Advanced Motion

The Project

After doing some reading and researching on the subjects of animated storytelling and advanced motion, we were tasked with creating an advanced motion creation of our own:

  • Create a motion based project on a subject of your choosing.
  • Requirements:
    • Use After Effects and/or Animate somewhere for animation.
    • Add effectiev audio to your animation, including possibly:
    • Ambient audio to give us a sense of place
    • Sound Effects to add realism
    • Music to set the tone and add feeling

The Final Project

Data Analysis

I've been working on further developing the characters (and their purposes) for my WIP game "Musings Of" (working title) as of late, and I've been incorporating Shikyo and the concept of the game itself into a few of my personal and course-related projects. Coming off of the Musings Of website mockup and user interface animation (Module 6), I decided to go a bit further into the realm of the game itself and draw inspiration from user interfaces. For this project, I had first imagined a UI screen "scanning" and identifying different parts of Shikyo, such as eye color, height, sex, etc. I drew a lot of inspiration from this project and did some research on HUD and sci-fi UI After Effects Youtube tutorials, and I combined the elements I created from the tutorials and the inspiration from the project I found to put this final project/animation together. I clearly cannot get enough of hi-tech sci-fi projects and designs.
Everything other than Shikyo's bust image was created in After Effects.

More Info on Shikyo More Characters from Musings Of Musings Of Website Mockup

[Royalty‑free] Credits & Tutorial References:
"Lesser Vibes - High Tech Interface Sounds", Sergey Eybog (purchased via Sonniss.com)

"Futuristic OS HUD UI Animation", Sergey Mezhuev; inspiration
"Advanced Spin FX Tutorial", Video Copilot; loading transition animation
"How to make Awesome progress bar in after effects | Tutorial", KhanVfx; counter progress bar and code
"Circular HUD Element – After Effects Tutorial (Advanced Techniques)", Voxyde; HUD graphic
"After Effects Tutorial - High Tech HUD Frame (Futuristic Design)", Voxyde; cell pattern background and screen display

Final Thoughts

Motion graphics is a field I definitely can't say I have prior experience in (since animating in Flash is now extraordinarily antiquated, and I took a course on it 5 years ago now), but I'm glad that I can now add it to my list of skills and passions. I definitely learned a lot from this course in regards to both the readings and the processes required for motion graphics. I'm glad I bought the required reading (Animated Storytelling, by Liz Blazer—just as a quick refresher) so I can continue to refer to it for knowledge and inspiration in the future, and I'm glad this class forced us to keep "blog" records of research and inspiration for each project—these posts and pages will not only act as a sort of time capsule for me, but may also provide inspiration in times where I may lack it. I'm a Pinterest-aholic, and I definitely hoard ideas, tutorials, and the like for inspiration wherever I can put them.
I've always loved art and drawing, but I definitely think that motion graphics has become another field that I've become passionate about (if not more so at the moment than drawing), and I'm excited to see what the future holds for me in this field—and what projects I'll come up with next.

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