Fashion Poster Design

Fashion Design Poster, Mockup 1
Fashion Design Poster, Mockup 2
Fashion Design Poster, Mockup 3
Fashion Design Poster, Mockup 4

Project Info:

For my ICM502: Information Design class at Quinnipiac University, we had to create an initial version of a fashion flyer in the beginning of the semester. Then, after having gone through the semester and learning from the course and completing the projects, we were asked to revisit the flyer design and create a new one with our enhanced design skills. I ended up liking both versions (with and without the pink overlay), so I used both.
You can see my original design by clicking here.

  • Created by: Leanne Scorcia
  • Completed on: April 16th, 2018
  • Tools:InDesign
  • Client(s):C0deysseus [Me]

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