Pandora Web App - Case Study

Pandora Web App - Case Study

The Client

Pandora Internet Radio is a music streaming and automated music recommendation service powered by the Music Genome Project.
Although the service is primarily made for mobile use, the company also has a desktop web app.

The Ask

While attempting to listen to the Pandora web app while working on my desktop, I found that the web app isn't incredibly responsive for smaller sizes, creating a less-than-optimal appearance when used as a small window in the corner of one's screen.

Pandora Web App Issue

The Process


Taking inspiration from both the simplistic design of the Pandora Premium iPhone app and the already-implemented design of the web app, I created a solution that combined both together.

Pandora Web App - Sidebar
Pandora Web App - Full
Pandora Premium App - Kongos

The Result

The Finished Product

Using Adobe Illustrator CC to recreate vector icons of the various Pandora controls (Thumbs Up/Down, Replay, Shuffle, Play, Volume, Skip/Next, etc.), I then brought these assets over to Adobe Photoshop CC to create a responsive solution that unifies the intuitiveness of the Pandora Premium App with the simplicity of the web app.

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