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As a contract Marketing Email Design Developer at Getty Images, I have the opportunity to work on both Getty Images and iStock email campaigns. My responsibilities include putting together email campaigns from scratch via a drag-and-drop editor according to the specifics of the corresponding creative brief. Once the emails are designed, they are submitted to the appropriate project manager and team members for review. The email is either reworked/revised according to the needs of the team members or exported for further quality assurance (QA) in a text editor.

John More GI Email
Creation Tips IS Email

The other half of my responsibilities includes further QA completion with the localized, regional emails. I either work on emails I previously developed (therefore following through with QA until completion), or ones developed by other team members. Either way, checking these emails and submitting them to the appropriate regional reviewer involves inspecting all links, respecting brand guidelines, and making coding tweaks/adjustments as necessary. The languages involved with Getty Images include German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Dutch, and Swedish; iStock languages include all of the former plus Turkish and Chinese (Hong Kong).

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