Barone Fini Project

Barone Fini Site - Mockup

Project Info:

As part of my Web Intern position at Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, I was tasked with creating a website for the Barone Fini wines brand. I worked closely with one of the Barone Fini consultants on how the website should be structured and how it would look. In addition to the consultant, members of the Bonmartini Fini family also reviewed the site before publication and gave input.

This website showcases the Barone Fini brand products and tells the story of the Bonmartini Fini family—and their wine-making journey.

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  • Created by: Leanne Scorcia
  • Completed on: July 7th, 2017
  • Tools: WordPress
  • Client: Barone Fini Wines

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